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Custom U-Part Wigs (More Textures Available)

Custom U-Part Wigs (More Textures Available)

$ 254.00

Customize your fabulous-ness with our U-Part wig. Choose from straight, curly or wavy hair to achieve your desired look. This wig can be made with side or center part using the above weft extensions, and does not come styles. Each unit is machine made with breathable black mesh caps. Available in cap sizes are small, medium or large, adjustable straps and attached combs.

All wigs are 160% - 180% density, made custom based on orders and have a 10-12 days turn around time. Each unit will be shipped for free and packaged with care guide. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

Wig Cap Measurements - VIP Extension Bar

Measure your head with a flexible measuring tape. In order to get the most accurate measurements of your head, your hair must be laying as flat as possible, whether you pin it down, braid it, plait it, etc. Be sure to round your measurements up. For example, if you measure 14 3/4", round that number up to 15" or if you measure 14 1/4", round that number up to 14 1/2".
AROUND THE HEAD: Measure all around the head. Position tape measure so it's edge follows the hairline around the head and the nape of your neck.
FRONT TO BACK: Measure from hairline at center of forehead straight back over crown to the center of hairline at nape of neck.
EAR TO EAR: Measure from hairline directly above the ear across top of head to the hairline directly above the other ear. 


Free USPS Priority shipping on all orders in the U.S.A only. Affordable international rates available. Need it in a hurry? Contact us for information on overnight shipping (additional shipping cost applies).


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