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Hair Care Chronicles - The Definitive Guide To Winter Hair Products

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With the winter months ahead, this is the time to prepare a defence technique to winterize your hair. The winter months ahead can be a harsh time for your hair. The cold temperature tends to leave most hair dry, flat, lifeless and brittle. Allow us to present The Definitive Guide to Winter Hair Products. Not only will you find winter hair care tips from renowned hair experts here, but you’ll also find a wealth of specific product recommendations, guaranteed to keep your tresses in tip-top shape over the dreary winter months. Happy reading! I always like to share not only product tips...

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Hair Care Chronicles – Caring for chemically treated hair extensions

D. Williams Conditioner Deep treatment hair care Hair dyes Hair Mask Hair treatment Isoplus Moisturizing Conditioner Moisturizing shampoo Motions Conditioner Motions Shampoo Neutralizing shampoo OGX pantene Shampoo Shea Moisure

We love color! Whether it’s a dye or bleach, most of us love coloring our hair extensions. While coloring the hair extensions might be a necessary evil, there are some things to consider.   What shampoo should I use on chemically treated hair? We recommend using a neutralizing shampoo on your locks after chemically treating your hair. The neutralizing shampoo will remove any residual chemicals from your hair and restore most of the hair natural moisture (pH balance). One of our top picks are Motions (Professional) Neutralizing Shampoo and Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo.   Recommended use: two shampoo after chemically treating...

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