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Styling Tips - Textured Hair 101

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Girl with glasses and curly hair
These days it’s a lot easier to love, embrace and accept the true beauty in your textured hair. Whether you’re a naturally curly girl or kinky and wild, there is so much beauty in the specific hair type that you were born with. The most important thing to remember is that we always want the opposite of what we have. Even though you may not realize it or have days when you long for hair of the opposite texture... there are many women who would love your texture, so celebrate it! This post is all about highlighting fabulous ways to rock your natural texture, while also providing you with a variety of styling options. Here’s to loving your hair…textured and all!

Naturally Curly

Arguably, the best thing about this hair type is that you have built-in texture and you don’t have to spend extended periods of time trying to achieve a mass amount of curls because you already have them. The biggest obstacle that naturally curly girls face is taming that pesky frizz that loves to rear its head.

Natural Hair Maintenance

To keep your natural curls always looking soft, defined and frizz-free, there are a few staple products you need to pull it all together. Deep condition your hair and use a heat-protecting spray before blow-drying or using tools, then use a diffuser to thoroughly dry your curls without disturbing the natural curl pattern. Silicon serum can be used to coat each curl, keeping it in place and taming potential frizz and a weekly hot-oil treatment to fight frizz long-term and strengthen the hair cuticle.


Aside from wearing your voluminous curls all down for the world to see, there are other ways to style it for maximum impact. Some styles to consider are a textured ponytail, which is a fabulous twist on the sleek back ponytail!

Salonge with Natural Hair 


This hair type may take a little more time and knowledge of how to maintain and style. The benefits are quite notable. The most important thing to remember with kinky/coarse hair is that you should work with it, not against it.


Hair Maintenance

This hair type has a tendency to be heavy and suck up moisture, so you need a heavy-duty shampoo/conditioner that can expertly penetrate to the depths of your hair shaft. Regular hot-oil treatments keep kinky hair moisturized and soft and also penetrate deep into the scalp for an easier styling experience, while getting the ends of your hair trimmed regularly keeps your kinky hair from breaking and having split ends, which is a common problem with this hair type. It’s also best to go easy with heat tools because they can dry the hair out and cause it to break. If you must use tools, alternate between curling/flat irons and setting your hair overnight on rollers.


Kinky/coarse hair is similar to naturally curly locks because there is already a natural texture, so it’s not a style concern. Wearing your hair all down in its natural state is a beautiful way to celebrate the naturally thick and wild texture. Adding hair accessories like headbands, scarves, etc. can personalize it.


Textured hair is definitely in right now, so take a chance and rock with pride what mother nature gave you!

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