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Hair Care Chronicles - How To Get That Long Hair You’ve always Wanted

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Many women are under the misconception that attaining long hair is as easy as rubbing some magic potion on their scalp and “VOILA!” they’ll have long hair! If only it were that simple! Contrary to popular belief, attaining and maintaining long hair requires the same amount of TLC and effort one would use to lose and keep off weight. Here are a few key points to answer the question of how to get long hair.



Whether you are relaxed, natural or in between (transitioning), if you are not taking care of your hair, it will not retain length. Period. The first thing I say to my clients is to practice a consistent hair regimen. Shampoo at least 2-3 times a month and make sure your hair has the proper amount of moisture. Consult with your hair care professional about what products will help your hair retain moisture best. Trim your ends regularly. Trimmed ends promotes healthy hair, which in turn promotes hair growth.


Although it is not impossible to grow long chemically treated hair, the journey is certainly much longer for the one who has it. The more you do to your hair (i.e. heat styling, keratin treating, coloring/lightening, and relaxing) the more it takes away from the hairs ability to retain length. Sure, your hair will grow, but the damage that may occur, mainly with chemically treated hair, will cause you to trim more often to maintain the health of your hair which will then take more time to grow hair longer. If you are someone who cannot live without color or the creamy crack, this next tip will help you.


It’s not just what you put on your hair that counts, it’s also what you put in your body as well. I’m not just talking about hair, skin and nail pills either. Growing longer healthy hair starts from within. Drink lots of water. Your hair, like every other part of your body, needs water to grow. Any issues you may have with your hair or with your scalp’s ability to create and maintain moisture, I am 100% positive that increasing your water intake while decreasing your soda/juice/tea/coffee intake will surely help to rectify it.

Along with drinking water what you eat is equal as important. Since hair is made up of protein, having a protein enriched diet will do wonders to promote growing long hair. Foods that are high in zinc and iron will also assist in hair growth. Foods such as fish, poultry, lean red meats, beans and green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of these nutrients. Stay away from fad diets since abrupt changes may cause slowness of hair growth as well as hair loss in some cases.

If you follow these tips on how to get long hair, I am positive you will see wonderful results. With a little TLC and time, you can have beautiful long hair.​

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