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Hair Care Chronicles – Tips and trick to extend the life of your extensions

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Silicon Mix Hair Treatment

This week product Spotlight is Silicon Mix Hair Treatment. This product works well to revive dry or brittle hair extensions. Simply co-wash your hair extensions and apply a generous amount of Silicon Mix Hair Treatment, then watch your lock come back to life. The silicon fibers helps to coat the hair leaving it silky and soft, which also helps to reduce the occasional tangles.

How to extend the life of your hair extensions?

We all know hair virgin hair extensions are an investment in you. No matter how you put it when you look good, you also feel good. Which is why we have put together these simple steps to help extend the life of your locks. Below are a few tips for taking care of your locks.

  1. Avoid excessive heat (use perm, flexi or other rods whenever possible).
  2. Wash (co-wash hair weekly)
  3. Wrap hair in silk or satin cap
  4. Use natural styling products (avoid products with drying agents).
  5. Avoid using oil sheen (use natural oils instead – Argon oil).

How to deal with dry ends?

Hair tends to get dry and brittle, mainly at the ends due to heat style and lack of natural oils. To treat this we recommend co-washing hair weekly and avoid shampoo or products with sulfate. Also a great tip is to apply oil to the ends of your hair extensions while they are wet. This technique helps to seal in the moisture at the ends of the hair.


As a side note, it is always good practice to clip end of hair prior to install and after every other co-wash to avoid split ends.


Disclosure: We have not been commissioned or agents of Jamaican Black Caster Oil, simply users giving our honest opinion. 


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