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Hair Care Chronicles – Caring for your Edges

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As you may already know the edges of your hair is most often subjected to stress. From the everyday pulling, heat styling and products containing alcohol or other drying agents. No matter the hair texture, no one is immune to this struggle. This struggle is even more reason to treat your edges with TLC, whether you are wearing extensions or your natural hair.


Begin the battle….

Jamaican Black Castor OilFirst up on our defense against thinning edges is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This is the go-to product for growing your edges back or just maintaining them. This oil provides the ultimate balance of moisture to replenish dry hair. Use this product to strengthen your edge, so it can fight against the everyday stress it’s exposed to. Apply the oil to your edges every other day using your fingers and watch it flourish.

Next up is using a silk scarf at night to present your edges from becoming dry and ultimately breaking. Cotton scarves or pillow cases sucks the moisture from your hair causing it to break. Using a silk pillowcase can also prevent against dryness and breakage. Fight back!

Lastly reduce the use of heating tools when possible. We know it can be hard, but it’s even harder on your edges. Try using flexi rods, rollers or scarf restrictions (tying your hair with a silk scarf) as an alternate styling method. Also remember it is import to wash product build-up from your hair regularly, which helps your scalp to breath. It’s important to keep in mind that your hair needs to be care for even more with extensions.

We hope this helped. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to let us know you thoughts or comments!

Disclosure: We have not been commissioned or agents of Jamaican Black Caster Oil, simply users giving our honest opinion. 

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