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Styling Tips – Using Tresemme Expert Selection styling products on curly or wavy hair

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Tresemme Expert Select Products

We know the importance of finding the right styling products for your hair extensions and created this blog as a guide. Although these locks are fabulous in all its glory (natural texture or straighten) finding the right products are key to getting you hair to look its best.
A few months ago a customer/stylist came by to show us her lovely install of our Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Extensions with matching closure. While at the boutique she notice that we had a custom wig unit made of the same hair extensions and asked what products were used to achieve that look. She absolutely loved the way the hair felt and how the waves were defined. I explained that over the past four months we’ve sampled many different products, which lead us to what we think is the ultimate in bounce, flexibility and frizz control.
What products did we use?

We used Tresmme Expert Selection “Youth Bounce” Flexi Bounce Mousse, along with their Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion. Both products are very affordable and can be purchased at your local beauty supply. The key is in the prep and application.
Here is the play-by-pay on how to achieving this look….

  1. As mentioned in our previous blog we recommend co-washing your locks with Pantene Natural Co-Wash.
  2. While the hair is wet separate it in four sections, then apply a generous amount of Tresemme (Runway Collection) Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion to your extensions. Work it in from as close to the weft as possible, to the ends of the hair.
  3. Once that’s done, the final step will be to add approximately on pump of the Tresemme “Youth Bounce” Flexi-Bounce Mousse to your hair (same as above), and allow the extensions to air dry (if possible).
Let us know whether it worked for you. Please feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions.
The products and techniques mentioned above are strictly based on our opinions and should not serve as an endorsement for any of the fore-mentioned. We were not hired, nor do we endorse any particular product or company.

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